Pakucho Organic Cotton Fabric

NEW 2017

11 new GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics just arrived. They are now included in the sample fabric pack and individual fabric samples listing.

The 24 100% GOTS certified Peruvian cotton fabrics, including  Jerseys, Baby Pointelle, Lush Velour, Fleece, Rib & interlock in a variation of Eco White Pima, Eco White Tanguis, Color Grown Cafe & 5 Low Impact Dyed Jersey Colors.
We now offer 47 beautiful fabric options including 23 beautiful wovens & knits in the Pakucho. They are now all listed below.

Made in Peru

Not only are these specific fabrics Fair Trade, but when you buy this organic cotton fabric with its origin in Peru you are supporting a country with a strict ban on GMOs.

The carbon footprint from Peru is excellent and we make it even better using carbon offsets through Carbonfund.

All fabrics are now sold by the yard & 1/2 yard. Click on a specific fabric for more details.

All come in pure natural tanguis, eco white tanguis, Qoperfina Tanguis (w/ 3% Copper) & various Color Grown shades.

All fabrics are Vegan

These fabrics are very soft and great for babies too. They combine well with each other to make an organic, natural & comforting environment.

The Copper content in the Qoperfina is particularly beneficial for its anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial/anti-microbial properties. For more information about Copper's benefits click on the Qoperfina Information link below.

Qoperfina Information
Peruvian GOTS Organic Pima Cotton Interlock Fabric
Product ID : OCF-2431
Peruvian GOTS Organic Pima Cotton Jersey Fabric
Product ID : OCF-2430
Peruvian GOTS Organic Tanguis Cotton Jersey Fabric
Product ID : OCF-2429
Peruvian GOTS Organic Tanguis Cotton Velour Fabric
Product ID : OCF-2427
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