Pakucho Organic Cotton Sliver Sample Pack

Pakucho Organic Cotton Sliver Sample Pack
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Pakucho/Peruvian Sliver Sample Pack (15 Shades)

This pack includes 1 oz. each of all 11 available color grown shades,  GOTS Long Staple Vanilla Pima, GOTS Winter Tanguis  & a bonus .25 oz. of the rare Mauve Fifo.

Plus: a new & very special offering of 1 oz. Qoperfina (a mix of Pima, tanguis & 3% ultra fine virgin copper)

The colors included:  Deep Golden, Golden Cafe, Vicuna, Desert Mist~Deep Green, Forest Mist, Rustic Avocado, Sage~Rich Cinnamon, Chocolate, Moka, Vanilla Cream Pima~Qoperfina & Mauve Fifo.

And as always our packaging is 99% PCW content & plastic!

This practical sample pack allows you to play with all the shades first so that you can decide if you have specific favorites.

Fair Trade & Vegan

24mm (Pima 38mm) avg staple length

This is the cotton plant made into soft as a cloud, raw, roving form for spinning yarn by machine or by hand.

The shades in the sliver do not go through an extra rinse process leaving the color lighter and/or more beige to golden hued for the greens. This gives the buyer the choice to make the colors deeper depending on their need. Once a spun item is made a small sample can be soaked in very hot water to deepen the color. Drying in a machine can also deepen the color over time. Or you can leave it the beautiful color it is by washing in cool water and laying the item out to dry. This makes the colors even more fun to play with.

Please note that different cotton crops produce varying colors. So when buying the sliver, buy enough for your whole project to avoid color variation. If you are unsure of the color differences due to monitor variance you can order a Pakucho color card. All the colors will be included so you can buy exactly what you want.