Artisan Recycled Glass Buttons


Artisan Recycled Glass Buttons

Fair Trade & Made in Africa

We had these buttons especially made for us. We wanted a wide variety of available colors and smaller sizes that have yet to be available until now.

These beautiful Fair Trade buttons are hand crafted from recycled bottles & discarded glass. The glass used is always 100% recycled glass. There are never chemical additives or finishes applied.

Use them in place of conventional button options. They are a very "Green" choice.

These buttons are a nice accent for any craft item, knitted or not. They are the perfect finish to a project made with Certified Organic Cotton Yarn. The colors blend beautifully!

These buttons are available in 26 colors and 3 different sizes which include 3/8", 5/8" and 3/4". Each button can vary subtly in color, size and shape which makes these hand crafted artisan gems very special.

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