Ecobutterfly Mariposa Peruvian Hand Brushed Aran Organic Cotton Yarn


Ecobutterfly Mariposa Peruvian Hand Brushed Aran Organic Pima Cotton Yarn

Made in Peru

Mariposa Certified Organic Cotton Yarn (Fair Trade)

Offered in natural & 28 veggie dyed or eco-friendly low impact dyed colors. Each color designates the type of dye used.

All 29 colors are now available to purchase below.

Mariposa organic aran is a roving yarn core wrapped with fine threads for a fantasy texture. This Organic Cotton Yarn is not only hand brushed, rustic & very soft, but hand harvested & wood vat dyed by hand with organic eco-friendly dyes. Small variations in color may result from the artisanal process which adds to the beauty & uniqueness of this yarn.

This yarn is made by native men & women in Peru, which makes it very special. They earn more than their country's set minimum wage. They are provided food and a very nice atmosphere to work in. There is no exploitation of children or slaves wages. This is what "Fair Trade" means. Buying this yarn helps to promote a better life for these artisans and their families.

Most dyed colors & Marshmallow are Vegan. The exceptions are noted in each yarn description and consist mainly of the pinks & purple.

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