Ecobutterfly Monarch Peruvian Hand Spun Chunky Organic Cotton Yarn

Monarch Organica Botanicals
• Made in Peru
• Fair Trade & Vegan **
• Needle Size:
#13-#15 or larger for an open stitch.

• Weight: Approx. 90g per skein and can be less or more depending on each skein.
• Yardage: 45yds. and can vary depending on the thicks & thins within each skein.
This yarn is made with Certified Organic Cotton Fiber with a Peruvian Drop Spindle
method. We saw how this yarn is spun and it is an amazing sight to see.
It is Very Soft, Rustic & Beautiful.
Based on the different artisans that spin this yarn it has a very chunky texture
which can vary to occasional or constant thick & thins depending on the skein.
Each skein is unique & beautiful because of it.
Most colors are dyed with Vegan** botanicals. Non-Vegan colors use both plant
botanicals and varying amounts of Cochineal. Each color listing is detailed below.
• NOTE: Beware of imitators & misinformation about Peruvian handspun organic
cotton yarn.
We have been to Peru and know exactly where this yarn is spun & dyed!
Get the free vine lace scarf pattern with any purchase of 4 skeins or a free jester
baby hat
pattern with a purchase of 1 or more skeins.

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