Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Yarn Cards & More

Eco Organic Yarn Color Sample Card Set (Fair Trade)

This color card set below will currently include the following:

Pakucho Worsted Organic Cotton OC* Yarn (All Shades) & samples of the Qoperfina, Lace weight, Sport weight & Qoperfina info sheet.

Pakucho Fine Sport, Worsted and Chunky weight Flamme OC* Yarns (All Shades)

Pakucho Andean Mist Botanical Dyed Flammes OC* Yarn (All Botanical Shades)**

Fluturi Hemp (All Samples)

Ecobutterfly/Pakucho Monarch, Farfalla & Mariposa OC* Yarn (All Botanical Shades)**

Eco-Rainbow Lace OC* Yarn (34 Shades)

Pakucho OC* Sliver (Sample Puffs)

OC= Organic Cotton

**Some colors are botanically dyed with a mix of Cochineal (not Vegan)... especially the pinks & purples.

Note: This card will be updated every time something new comes in. If you have bought this sample card in the past and want to get an updated sampling, then I will include the new samples at no extra charge with a current order. Please note the new samples you are missing. The sample card will be an extremely helpful tool so that you can place an order knowing you will get exactly what you want while taking the guesswork and any doubt out of the equation. Keep in mind (as with all yarns) that color lots can vary. It is a lot of work to put together but it is also well worth the price!

You can also purchase available single sample cards below.




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