Eco-Friendly Bamboo Purse Handles

Eco~Friendly Bamboo Purse Handles

These bamboo handles are as eco-friendly and as natural as you can find anywhere. There is no synthetic chemical finishing (lacquer) on the bamboo. You will have a choice of pure bamboo or a natural oil~beeswax finish. I suggest the finish to make the handles waterproof. The finish is vegetarian. Since we use Bee's Wax as part of the recipe to finish them they are not strictly Vegan, BUT many Vegans use bee products. The Bee's Wax comes from a lady that happens to be a Vegan and really treats her bees like family : ). The Bee's Wax is not mass produced. She really cares just like we do. All the ingredients in the finish are 100% organic and plant based (not including the Bee's Wax). We were unwilling to carry these handles with typical chemical varnish especially since bamboo handles are made in China. There is no chance of lead if there is no chemically painted on finish. We tried to find pre-made naturally finished bamboo, BUT it didn't exist. Now it does. We painstakingly apply the finish to every single handle ourselves. It is a lot of work, BUT well worth the finished eco~friendly product. This is a very sustainable item and a very "Green" choice.

There are 6 sizes/shapes in total.

They will make a perfect choice when making a bag or purse out of the Organic Cotton Yarn.

I have a bag pattern that is simple and beautiful using both the bamboo and organic cotton (coming soon).

Please note that I do not sell these handles in pairs so that people have the choice to buy one at a time.


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