Eco-Friendly Wood Purse Handles

Eco Wood Purse Handles 


Recycled Vintage Napa Wine Barrel Oak Handles

These handles are more expensive than most at $18-$24 a handle, but they are the only wood handles that are not processed using new nonrenewable wood resources or slave labor. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment. If the environment is important to you then these gems are worth every penny.

We also carry a wood button & shawl pin line in various types of wood that come from the same source.

These Eco Wood Purse Handles are Fair Trade. They are made by hand and by artisans that get a fair wage and the recycled handles are made personally by us (Steve & Stephanie) in California. It takes us just about 2 hours to make each barrel handle!

These beautiful handles are made from 3 different types of wood gathered once the wood has fallen naturally from the tree. No trees were cut or cut down to make them. The wood used to make these beautiful handles is certified by The Rain Forest Alliance Organization. The Rain Forest Alliance Organization ensures that our natural Rain Forests are preserved for generations to come. Deforestation needs to be stopped or our planet will lack a much needed resource for our survival and of all living creatures big and small.