Eco Gift Boxes

Eco Kraft Gift Boxes

These gift boxes are made from 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) fibers**
**80% PCW (4x4x4 box only)
The 100% PCW boxes are made with thicker fiber board for extra sturdiness.
These gift boxes are very limited now. They were changed to less than 80%
PCW content after we made our last purchase.
Until we find another source of 100% PCW boxes the stock we have is what's
left of the best environmental option we have yet to find.

• Made in the USA

4x4x4 available adorned with an organic crocheted cord/beaded handle
The 4x4x4 box comes with a choice of a hole in the top. This feature makes this box
a perfect yarn/skein holder. The versatility of this box also makes it a very eco choice.
Our gift tags make a great addition to the boxes for gigt giving.
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