Favorite Eco Links

Eco-Friendly Links

All the links are really nice eco, organic & Vegan/vegetarian businesses that offer awesome certified organic and fairtrade items and services. They are well worth a look! I will add more gems as I find them.

Live Monarch

Must have information about Monarchs and the vital need to plant milkweed. I came across this site when I was surprised to find several Monarch eggs and tiny caterpillars on the one and only milkweed plant that I had at the end of March. I always wanted more, so this was the time if I wanted the caterpillars to have enough to eat so that they would survive and make it to their chrysalis stage. Now I not only have several milkweed plants, but at least 30 seedlings that I started from several native seeds so far. 4 of the 6 eggs survived and they are getting all the milkweed they need. It is amazing to watch them grow. See current photo below (April 9, 2016).

Forever Redwood

Very cool business. I needed to replace a very old out dated back porch/patio overhang and I did not want to use wood from the conventional chopping down of trees. I found Forever Redwood and I knew I found a great solution. Check them out. I am going to post photos of our Redwood Pergola once it is finished.

This is Daryl Hannah's website and a really nice resource for eco~friendly topics. One of my favorite websites! Check it out.


This is the best all around Organic Vegan restaurant I have ever had the pleasure of trying in the LA area..... AND too many times to count over the years. Go there and enjoy the best Vegan/Organic Japanese food located in the Little Tokyo district of Downtown LA. Well worth the drive.