Fluturi Fine Hemp yarn

Fluturi Hemp

The hemp is being replaced by our GOTS Entwined Organic Linen Yarn.
There is still stock currently available until sold out.
See Entwined link &
more information below.

100% GOTS certified organic linen
Vegan & Fair Trade
Rustic, crisp with a pretty, natural shimmer....softens beautifully with every washing.
Made from the finest, hand harvested flax from countries along the North Sea, including Belgium, France & Holland
Naturally Retted & Wet Spun in Italy
Perfect for weaving, knitting, crocheting, beadwork, embroidery & more
A beautiful palette of 34 low impact dyed colors, H202 shades Snow Owl & Winter Birch and naturally Heathered Roan
Perfect for sweaters, bags, home decor, spa accessories & more
One of the oldest textiles used by man, linen is incredibly versatile. Though hemp has similar qualities linen has so much more to offer.
A high frequency healing fabric, as long as it is not next to wool. It is anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, reflective for cooling properties, with breathability & highly absorbent.