Grow-A-Note Gift Cards

A guilt free card that both you and the planet will benefit from.
Fair Trade & Vegan
Made in the USA
These paper cards are embedded with a colorful variety of wildflower seeds

that will grow just about anywhere. For best results, thoroughly moisten and plant
the card
until seeds germinate. Tend to them with love and watch them grow.
The paper will recycle naturally into the soil as the seedlings grow.
Each card has different wildflower seeds & in varying combinations.

Each card has the growing instructions & the flower seeds listed on the back.
A detail list of the types of wildflowers that will grow in each card listing.
These cards are handmade from 100% post consumer recycled paper.

They are left blank inside for your personal touch, except the Baby Announcement card.
The inside of the card is photographed to show the content.
The envelope color for each card can and will vary.
These cards eco & are way beyond cool! They would make a really nice addition

to any celebration or just give one on its own to convey what you feel for someone special.
There are 16 occasion, 6 holiday themes & a blank card to choose from.

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