Eco-Friendly Natural Buttons

Eco Buttons
Natural Bamboo, Recycled Glass, Reclaimed Wood &

Tagua Nut (Corozo, a vegetable ivory)

These beautiful buttons are made from natural, sustainable & eco~friendly materials. Use them in place of most wood or plastics for a "Green" choice. Corozo, Tagua nut or Vegetable Ivory comes from the nut of a tall palm tree, that grows through out the humid tropical rain forests of South America. You will help to save these rain forests as well as other forests of the world.....even if it is just a little bit at a time.

These buttons are a nice accent for any craft item, knitted or not. They are the perfect finish to a project made with Certified Organic Cotton Yarn. The colors blend beautifully!

Check out the New Fair Trade Buttons made from pieces of fallen wood. No trees were chopped down or cut to make these buttons. There are 4 shapes and 7 different woods used. The sizes run from Large to Extra Extra Large. They make great stacking detail and one button closures. They are quite special in every way. These wood buttons are more expensive than most, BUT they are the only wood buttons that are not processed using new nonrenewable wood resources or slave labor. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment. If the environment is important to you then these gems are worth every penny.

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