Pakucho Organic Color Grown Cotton Chunky Flamme & Plyed

chunky flamme photo

Pakucho Color Grown Organic Cotton
Chunky Flamme & Plyed
• Fair Trade & Vegan
Made in Peru
This is a gorgeous chunky thick & thin flamme roving. It is decadently soft.
This yarn is hand brushed with a lofty feel. This yarn like
most organic cotton
does not have a chemical finishing like conventional cotton,
so it not smooth
and polished, but natural and rustic.

Offered in many beautiful colors below including Plyed Melange yarns.
• NOTE: The colors are a bit more muted then the standard Pakucho yarns,

especially the greens. This allows you to keep the color as is or deepen it
with hot and/or machine drying. You have the choice!
If you want to make a more informed choice and you like to see and feel
yarn in person then you should consider purchasing one of our sample cards.
The sample cards will be an extremely helpful tool so that you can place an
order knowing you will get exactly what you want while taking the guesswork
and any doubt out of the equation. Keep in mind (as with all yarns) that color
lots can vary. It is a lot of work to put the sample cards together,
but it is also well worth the price!
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