Pakucho Certified Organic Cotton Color Grown Sliver (Fair Trade & Vegan)

We offer 15 shades of certified organic Peruvian color grown sliver. It is by far the most gorgeous native organic cotton that we have ever seen.

The Sliver, or Roving, is offered in the Cotton Fiber Treasures of Peru and are coveted around the world for their superior qualities. They include Extra Long Staple Pima (Vanilla Cream), Tanguis (Natural), Color Grown (Deepest Shades) & a Mix of Color Grown with Tanguis.

The Sliver is Fair Trade. This means that the people that grow the fiber to the processing of the end product get a more than fair wage and good working conditions. There are no slave wages or child exploitation. This is as important, if not more so, than the eco organic properties themselves.

"The earliest records of spinning date back to nearly eight millennia, to Peru, where Pakucho meant brown cotton in ancient Inca. Today, native~spun Pakucho cotton is grown in natural, cream, beige, brown, avocado and mauve shades. No pesticides, herbicides or other agri~chemicals are used to grow or color these yarns. All harvesting and color sorting is done by hand, just as it has been since the domestication of cotton in Peruover 4,500 years ago." - James M. Vreeland Jr.

Another very important point is that Peru does not allow Genetically Modified Organisms (Genetically Engineered) seed or crops into their country.This way there is no risk of cross contamination keeping the fiber organic with no risk. GMOs are a complete and utter devastation to natural and organic crops in the US and many other countries around the world.

Please note that different cotton crops produce varying colors. So when buying the sliver, buy enough for your whole project to avoid color variation. Also, the color grown sliver comes more natural and a bit lighter then the Pakucho yarns do, especially the greens. This gives the spinner or eventual crafter the option to make an item and keep the color as is or deepen your finished product with hot water and machine drying. This gives you creative control with the added benefit of the color change! Just have fun with it!

The sliver packaging is 100% sustainable & biodegradable clear cellulose film. No Plastic, GMO PLA corn or soy is used. We insist on this. We wanted the ability to take an order and package it knowing that if that package fell off a truck in the middle of nowhere that the whole package & the contents would biodegrade fairly quickly as if it never existed at all, while doing no damage to the earth in the process.

UPDATE: There has been quite a demand for the Peruvian Organic Cotton Sliver. After the first round demand we have been able to lower the pricing (with the exception of Fifo). AND Deep Green & Rich Cinnamon Chocolate are back in stock after a long wait! All colors are now in stock and available to purchase ........ Enjoy!

For wholesale business orders please call or e-mail us.