Deep Green Pakucho Organic Cotton Sliver

Deep Green Pakucho Organic Cotton Sliver
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Product ID : SL-2414
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Pakucho Deep Green Sliver
• Choice: 8 ozs. or 16 ozs.
Made in Peru
• Fair Trade & Vegan
Pure Color Grown fiber
24mm longest avg staple length
• The Deep Golden Green is absolutely beautiful.
• NOTE: Different crop years produce varying shades. So when buying the sliver keep that in mind
The green sliver does not go through an extra rinse process leaving the color lighter & more golden
green. There is a choice to make the color deeper green. Once the fiber is spun it can be soaked in
very hot water or boiled to deepen the color. Drying in a machine can also deepen the color over time.
The fiber can also be left light by washing in cool water & laying the item out to dry.