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Copper & Qoperfina™

March 20, 2020

Given the current climate surrounding the viral pandemic we are posting the following article link given the importance of copper.

Certified Organic Cotton  & Varying Amounts of Soft Virgin Copper

Therapeutic natural copper & certified organic cotton blends

Qoperfina has subtle fine strands of copper, in the yarn, sliver & fabric, to much more obvious strands due to higher content in our Pakucho and Ecology Strings yarn given its therapeutic properties. This is not meant for a fashion statement, though it is subtly beautiful.

Throughout the ages and in all cultures, metallic copper has been used for aesthetic and utilitarian purposes, in art and medicine, technology and adornment.

During the last 100 years, science has expressed an increased interest into the function of copper in human health and well being. Antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties in copper complexes, recognized since ancient times and have recently been confirmed by modern science. Since the early 1950's, modern research has clearly demonstrated the health benefits of Cu properties. (1) Our research establishes that when woven into a fabric and worn next to the skin, amino acid copper complexes are absorbed into the body.

Therapeutic Copper

Qoperfina® Copper combines the finest combed organic cotton with pure and natural Angelina copper staple fiber, an intimate blend yielding an incredibly soft, durable and healthy yarn & fabric with both fashion and therapeutic properties.

Medicinal features:

anti-microbial with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Copper’s sterilization and deodorization capabilities prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and germs.

anti-inflammatory properties.

NOTE: Hospitals in Europe are starting to incorporate copper in filtration systems, table surfaces, bed & hand railings due to the antimicrobial/antibacterial properties of copper. The idea of copper fiber bedding in hospitals is a relatively new idea and seems to be the next step to making a hospital's atmosphere a safer place to heal for ill individuals including adults and premature infants. Though there is no hard proof that copper can be trans-dermal, there are people that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis that use copper jewelry everyday that swear by its healing properties. This could be the reality of it or a placebo effect. With the myriad of benefits comes a lot of skepticism about the anti-inflammatory properties of copper like anything else...... BUT when copper works for an individual it is an amazing thing, no matter how. I know that copper against the skin has helped people whether it is founded or just the power of the mind. An open positive mind set can be the most powerful tool a person has in life.

More information will be added about the benefits of copper as they surface.

Thermal regulating

Fabrics containing copper hold body heat, emanating from within and redirect this warmth back to the body, while the porosity of the textile allows for the circulation of air so that the body can still “breathe”. Copper fibers have anti-static properties as well.

Dr. John R. J. Sorenson
Division of Medicinal Chemistry & Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences;University of Arkansas College of Pharmacy;University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Campus

(1) Sorenson, J.R.J.: Copper Complexes for Therapy of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases. In: Copper and Zinc in Inflammatory and Degenerative Diseases. Rainsford, K.D., Milanino, R., and Sorenson, J.R.J., eds., Kluer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands, pp 113-124(1998)