Artisan Translucent Recycled Glass Beads

Recycled Glass Beads

• Handmade using only discarded glass bottles, dishes, fan blades & other used found glass.
• Free of chemical dyes & synthetic augmentation to enhance color & surface appearence.
• 30 recycled glass colors offered as well as sample color mix strands in all sizes.
• Perfect accent to any number of knit, crochet, eco arts & crafts projects.
• They go especially well with our organic yarns. It is as if they were made for each other.

• These beads are very unique & rustic in color and texture. No 2 beads are exactly the same.
• Available in many colors & sizes.
 Fair Trade & Vegan without exception
• Made in Africa
• Wholesale inquiries are welcome and require a minimum opening order.

NOTE: Please beware of online businesses that sell recycled glass beads in unusually bright
colors. They boast "eco" & "green", but they are
clear beads painted with car paint.
Always question the seller before purchasing to make sure you are getting recycled glass beads
that are
not augmented by chemicals.