Tagua Nut Beads

These beads are Fair Trade, artisan made & very eco. Tagua nut, also called Corozo, is a vegetable ivory that comes from a South American palm native to the South American Rainforest. No trees are chopped down to harvest the nuts which are a very renewable source.

Made by Hand in Ecuador

These beads make the perfect accent to any eco knit or crochet project, as well as any number of arts & crafts projects. The beads go perfectly with Pakucho organic cotton & hemp yarns. The combination makes for the perfect Green project.

These beads are very unique & rustic in color and patterning. No 2 beads are exactly the same, but are mainly round.

There are 7 colors & 5 sizes available: 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm & 20mm.

NOTE: There are natural white unpolished beads available in all sizes so that you can dye them yourself if you prefer. See the natural white listings for your choice.

Also available are our Big (5mm) Hole 20mm Round beads for use with crochet & double crochet cording as well as I Cords.

All the beads are Fair Trade with with no exception.

These beads are VEGAN except for the Rich Pink which is dyed with the traditional South American Cochineal.

NOTE: Botanical kettle dyed Tagua beads are hard to find. Please keep this in mind. The natural white is undyed. There are no artificial chemicals used. Each bead can vary in depth of botanical & natural color. That is what makes these beads very beautiful & unique.

The tagua beads & recycled glass beads make a really nice combination when used together.

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