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Ecobutterfly Organics

 About Us

Ecobutterfly started as an offshoot to a knit shop founded by my grandmother in 1955. Bea's Knit Shop had been
a cornerstone in the knitting community of Los Angeles for over 50 years. My grandmother and I ran the business
together starting in 1988 until her passing in 1997. I learned so much from her and I cherish everything she passed
on to me. She was the best and I miss her more than anyone!

My love for organics, vegetarianism & 30 years of learning my knitting craft from my grandmother was a perfect combination for my business's path. I not only wanted to carry organic cotton yarns and other natural items, but I
wanted to make sure that we could find sources for certified organics, as well as Fair Trade if at all possible. We have accomplished this now that we have come full circle. We decided never to offer highly chemical processed synthetic
rayon yarns just because they are made from natural bamboo, soy, corn, tencel, banana, milk etc. These natural fibers
are made into a chemical soup & extruded like spaghetti to make the silky "rayon" yarns . They are nowhere near eco-friendly. GMOs (Genetically Engineered corn & soy) are also unacceptable. GMOs, if given the chance will eventually destroy organics as we know it today. If the processing of these natural fibers change in the future we will revisit their eco-friendly potential.

Just as important as organics, Fair Trade guarantees that the people that are involved in the process of the manufacturing of an item are paid a fair living wage, as well as proper working conditions. No slave wages or child exploitation are acceptable. With that, we hope for the sake of the world that more companies choose to go in this
very important direction.

Our environmentally friendly business practices didn't stop there. When shipping the items offered on this website
we reuse packaging, use the highest % post consumer recycled, sustainable & biodegradable packaging materials available. Our business card stock is printed on VERY eco~friendly 100% PCW paper & hemp fiber. No new tree
recycling at its best. We keep unnecessary paperwork for shipped orders down to a minimum. All the information is
sent via e-mail for our customer's records.

We want people to feel good about their purchase from ecobutterfly & that it makes a difference in the world, both
for the environment & for the Earth. Buying organic, recycled & Fair Trade is a small step toward a better world. Even
the smallest changes make a big difference. No one can expect to do everything to make things better. Baby steps are
the key. And just like the Monarch Butterfly, the world is a very beautiful, but a very delicate & fragile place & we all
want it to be here for future generations to come.

I dedicate this website to the memory of my beautiful grandmother.

I  hope that Ecobutterfly makes a big difference like she did.