Our Mission

cobutterfly was founded w/ the mission  to provide knitters, crocheters, spinners & weavers with only the highest quality
source for all kinds of certified organic cotton yarn, linen, hemp, fiber & more, with a vital focus on Vegan & Fair Trade.

We also provide arts & crafts accessories that are eco organic &/or recycled.

We promise to never offer yarns made of bamboo, GMO corn, GMO soy or anything soaked in toxic chemicals
to make synthetic silky rayon yarn. We believe that bamboo processing will change in the future & when it does
we will revisit that option. One can only hope. ;)

Our customer service is a high priority. All orders are sent out the same or next business day unless otherwise specified.

We insist on reusing packaging, using the highest percentage (90-100%) post consumer recycled paper & shipping materials available as well as 100% Non-GMO (NO corn PLA), sustainable & biodegradable cellulose in place of plastic.

Our web site is powered by the wind & sun so that we have a more positive impact on the planet beyond what we sell
as well as contributing to Carbonfund for offsets to help reforestation.

We go the extra mile & never cut corners.