Organic Linen Produce Bags & DIY Kits

Organic Linen Produce Bags & DIY Kits

Ecobutterfly Organic Linen Produce Bags & DIY Kits

These bags are both a produce bag for the market and for storing at home.
Reusable, long life & zero waste using the finest linen available.
They are fully Biodegradeble, Fair Trade & Vegan
• Handmade in California.

Double folded, enclosed seam & linen thread construction for strength.
When I couldn't find a simple, certified organic linen bag I designed a
practical one for my own use, because exposing your food to synthetics, BPA,
pesticides, herbicides & the unknown is unacceptable & matters greatly.

There are no zippers, synthetic dyes or printing or plastic of any kind.
They come wrapped in biodegradable, sustainable cellulose. No plastic.

The linen is GOTS Certified Organic making for the purest fabric available.
The toggle button is made from a natural undyed tagua nut.
The food placed in the bag only touches a certified organic fabric.
The Bag comes 16"L x 12" W., 12"L x 12"w or 12"L x 8"W
It can store produce extending its shelf life due to linen's anti-microbial, mold resistent properties.
They are easy to care for & can be put in the washer, gentle cycle with eco-friendly laundry soap.
And once this bag has run through its life you can throw it away and it will biodegrade naturally.
This purchase supports organizations that work hard to make this world a better place.
The economical DIY Bag Kit includes everything needed for 4-8 bags or more.