Pakucho, GOTS Linen & Organic Cotton Fabric

Pakucho, GOTS Linen & Organic Cotton Fabric
GOTS North Sea Linen fabrics are here
Including: 4 wovens & 10 new GOTS organic cotton knits 

We now offer 62 beautiful fabrics 
Made in Peru where GMOs are banned!
Fair Trade & Vegan
All fabrics are sold by the yard & 1/2 yard.
These fabrics are very soft & especially great for babies.
They combine well w/ each other to make
an organic, natural
& comforting environment.
Organic Cotton will shrink 10-15% in length if heat is used.
For care & color change information see box to the left.
We do our best to detail color, but monitors do vary, so we
highly recommend purchasing color samples It is well worth it!

Color Samples

We offset & then some through Carbonfund!
99% of the packaging is 100% Post Consumer Waste
material & sustainable cellulose. No plastic is used Ever!

The Copper in the Qoperfina is particularly beneficial for
its anti-inflammatory &
anti-bacterial/anti-microbial properties.
For more information about Copper's benefits see
link below.

Qoperfina Information

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