Complete Pakucho Color Sample Card (All Color Grown Yarns)

Complete Pakucho Color Sample Card (All Color Grown Yarns)
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Complete Shade Pakucho Color Sample Card
Fair Trade & Vegan
These color cards include the following:
All Color Grown shades of Pakucho Worsted yarn, plus samples of the Qoperfina, Lace weight & Sport weight.
All Color Grown Shades  Pakucho Flamme yarns, plus Fine Sport, Worsted, Chunky &  sample puffs of  Sliver.
Samples of the Rare Fifo Mauve Brown Lace Blend & Very Rare Handspun Native Morrope
Dark Rust, Rich Golden Melange & More.
Sample windings of copper & sterling to twist with the color samples.
There is now something for everyone with the newly expanded Pakucho line of yarns & More.

We now offer Lace weight to Chunky Roving & much more in between.
This sample card will be an extremely helpful tool so that you can place an order knowing you will get

exactly what you want while taking the guesswork out of the equation. Keep in mind, as with all yarns, that
naturally color grown shades can vary from season to season.