Handmade Eco Row Counter Bracelet

Handmade Eco Row Counter Bracelet
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Eco Row Counter Bracelet

Handmade in California

Each bracelet comes in a beautiful hemp bound Ecobutterfly Monarch print box (2" x 2"x 1"), to give as a gift or to reuse for other things. An adorned Seeded Wildflower Gift Tag is included as well. These boxes are also available for purchase in the Recycled Gift Boxes category to the left.

Available in 9 beautiful colors

Every bracelet is meticulously made by hand all the way down to the black organic cotton cording. Once an order is placed it is shipped within 24-72 hours depending on the specific time period, with very little exception. If a rush is required please contact us to find out if it is doable and if an extra fee is required.

If you would like a personal color mix beyond what we offer please contact us to discuss the options available.

All color options are Vegan except for Candy which includes Cochineal** dyed tagua beads

The colors are pictured left to right as follows:

River Rocks (ice, rootbeer, amber, olive moss, cafe, charcoal, natural tagua & sterling silver)

Rainforest (deep moss, olive moss, orange embers, natural tagua & sterling silver)

India (aubergine purple, amber, palomino gold tagua, natural tagua & sterling silver)

Vineyard (aubergine purple, ruby, olive moss, amber, rootbeer, natural tagua & sterling silver)

Sea Glass (ice, sea glass aqua hues, natural tagua & sterling silver)

Candy (ruby, orange embers, moss green, teal blue, rich berry pink tagua, natural tagua & sterling silver)

Tortoise (tortoise, rootbeer, amber, ice, ruby, natural tagua & sterling silver)

Desert (ice & peach recycled glass, natural, palomino gold, olive, cafe, dusty pink tagua & sterling silver)

Sunset (teal blue, soft turquoise, orange embers, natural tagua & sterling silver)

The size of the beads can and will vary making each bracelet unique.

The bracelet is not only eco, but both functional & beautiful.

They make great gifts.

As with all of our beads there are no chemical dyes added or finishes used. The only sterling silver we use is either recycled or in this case reused from old vintage pieces of jewelry.

NOTE: **We strive to be as Vegan as possible, but we also feel strongly about the environment at the same time. To use the red dye the cochineal are picked off of cacti, a food source, that is continually decimated by these insects, and then dried. Intervention to prevent withering of the cacti is a normal part of life in Peru and the dye itself is a cultural part of the Peruvian Indian heritage. We would much prefer bringing you a natural dye under these circumstances rather than a chemically synthetic one. We are looking into Madder as a possible red substitute, but Madder can be rare and hard to find in Peru until the Peruvian Indians start to re-cultivate it based on demand. We hope that this will happen in the near future. We are always looking for and supporting better solutions for a perfect Environmental & Vegan balance in everything that we do.

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