Hemp Stitch Marker Pattern (Free)

Hemp Stitch Marker Pattern (Free)
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Hemp Stitch Marker Pattern

Materials needed:

2 ply lace hemp yarn or a similar substitute (not soft & flimsy)

3 to 4 4-6mm beads (with 1.5mm hole size average) per marker

NOTE: If the hole is smaller it can only be used as the bottom bead.

Very fine crochet hook (1.4mm or smaller) & a big eye beading needle (optional)

Step 1: Take a 12" average length of 2 ply hemp, or proper substitute, and bead the bottom bead onto the yarn. This would be the only placement for a bead with a tiny hole. The hemp will only be able to string through a tiny hole once.

Step 2: Put the bead at the very center of the yarn. Then take your fine crochet hook and drag both ends of the yarn through the next 2 or 3 beads as you choose. Center the bottom bead so that it is balanced against the next bead and pull both strands firmly.

Step 3: Tie the two strands together once. Do not tie too tightly so that the marker will be easier to finish later. Avoid being loose. Then slip the crochet hook under the tie and pull one of the strands through into a small loop without undoing the tie.

Step 4: Now work a double strand crochet as follows: Take the 2nd strand and loop it through the first loop. Then tighten the first strand(first loop) so that the original tightens and pull it through the second loop. Basically you are pulling and looping by alternating the use of both strands while making sure there is no slack. Work until desired length (See Step 5).

NOTE: In comparison a single chain uses one strand to constantly form loops within loops to form that chain. The only difference here is that you are using and alternating 2 strands, instead of using just 1, to make the cord more symmetrical & bulky. It takes getting used to, but practice is key.

Step 5: Work until you have the length you want. If you want a marker for a specific size needle then wrap the crocheted cord around the needle making sure that there is space to easily slide the marker when finished and in use. Then pull one of the strands through the last loop and tighten to end the cord.

Step 6: Then take one strand and hook it through the original tie at the top of the last bead. Then knot both strands together tightly about 2 to 3 times to secure it.

Step 7: With the big eye needle you can pull both strands down through the center of the all or some of the beads to hide them. Then pull the strands firmly and clip as close to the bead hole as possible with a small sharp scissors. The same thing can be accomplished with the crochet hook if the holes are large enough and if there is enough slack in the beads to allow it. It is easier to pull one strand through at a time in most cases.

Step 8: If for some reason you have a hard time hiding the strands in the shaft of the bead(s) you can weave each strand at the tie point one at a time. Be as neat and tight as possible.

Make sure to keep all your materials Recycled, Repurposed, Sustainable & Natural and you will have accomplished a perfect eco knitting accessory. Enjoy!

If you find any mistakes that need correcting please contact us via e-mail. Thank you!