Peekaboo Stripes Double Baby Hat Kit (NEW!)

Peekaboo Stripes Double Baby Hat Kit  (NEW!)
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Price: $24.95
Product ID : KP-2432
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The Soft Fine Flamme Sport Organic Cotton Yarn inspired us to create this super cute Peekaboo Layered Baby Hat Kit available in your choice of color options. It's even cuter in person!

This is a very easy & fun knitting project with a simple, interesting & functional design element that stands out. Each hat can be worn separately or layered.

Not only is this kit organic BUT the pattern is printed on 100% Post Consumer Waste Paper & Hemp. The packaging is 100% Biodegradable & Sustainable Clear Cellulose. Absolutely no plastic! It is the perfect eco knitting kit.

This kit includes the pattern, yarn reelings & a plantable gift tag that can grow wildflowers when planted. It is adorned with a hand spun hemp cord & recycled glass bead.

The top hat is botanically dyed using wild crafted herbs, veggies & fruits. In many of the colors varying amounts of Cochineal is used to get the proper color and they are marked with an * in the drop down menu. The colors are listed from top to bottom in the same order in both the drop down menu and the picture.

All Non-Vegan colors have varying amounts of Cochineal and are always marked on the packaging and /or labels. The most cochineal is used for the pinks and purples, with colors like the blues, sahara peach and golden dune having very little for color balancing. We strive to be as Vegan as possible, but we also feel strongly about the environment at the same time. To use the red dye the cochineal are picked off of cacti, a food source, that are continually decimated by these insects, and then dried. Intervention to prevent withering of the cacti is a normal part of life in Peru and the dye itself is a cultural part of the Peruvian Indian heritage. We would much prefer bringing you a natural dye under these circumstances rather than a chemically synthetic one. We are looking into Madder as a possible red substitute, but Madder can be rare and hard to find in Peru until the Peruvian Indians start to re-cultivate it based on demand. We hope that this will happen in the near future. We are always looking for and supporting better solutions for a perfect Environmental & Vegan balance in everything that we do.

Please note that the picture is of the Coral Sunset (Main Color) & Sahara Peach (Detail Color). The striped under hat is Vicuna, Cafe & Natural Color Grown. The list of botanical color options are pictured as well.

The Peekaboo Baby Hat Kit is for sizes: Newborn 13" circ., 15"circ. & 17" circ.

These hat kits allow for multi-color knitting without having to buy full hanks of every single color. This makes it a great value. It would make a perfect gift for that special mother to be & baby or given as a kit to a creative knitter in your life.

Knitting Needles are optional. The needle sizes used are a #4 and #5 for the average knitter. See the Bamboo Knitting Needles page. The Crystal palace bamboo needles work like a dream with the organic cotton yarn.