Deep Mauve Brown (Fifo) Pakucho Organic Cotton Sliver

Deep Mauve Brown (Fifo) Pakucho Organic Cotton Sliver
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Pakucho Deep Mauve Brown
• Choice: 1 oz. or 4 ozs.
Made in Peru
• Fair Trade & Vegan
• Very Limited of Pure Color Grown fiber

24mm longest avg staple length
• The Deep Mauve Fifo is rare & absolutely beautiful
• NOTE:  This sliver is soft, but not as silky to the touch as the other color grown shades.
It is less processed and there is no other natural shades mixed in leaving it deeper & more
pure in color, just as it grows on the tree. This is truly special.
Like all Peruvian color grown cotton it does in fact grow on trees and fairly tall trees at that.
They are quite beautiful when the buds are ready to harvest.
We are hoping to convince the native farmer's to plant more of the deeper & rarest of colors
so that one day it could be offered at a better price. We donate money to help the farmer's plant
more Fifo based on demand. Part of the proceeds go back to the native farmer's for this reason.