Peruvian GOTS Organic Pima Cotton Whisp Wick

Peruvian GOTS Organic Pima Cotton Whisp Wick
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Peruvian Organic Vanilla Pima Cotton Whisp Wick Roving

Pima Sliver is back in stock. This new sliver has replaced the Pakucho Pima sliver due to its higher quality fiber. This Pima is the finest we have come across since our start over 10 years ago.

Peruvian Long Staple & Combed Pima

Combing means that the longest fibers are kept intact with very minimal to no cellulose & debris anomalies throughout compared to the Pakucho Pima.

Organic Cotton natural fibers, gin/milled without any chemicals, bleaching or additional processes.

100% GOTS Certified Fiber.....NO pesticides & herbacides used.

Grown in Peru where GMOs are banned.

Long Staple Fiber: 38mm average fiber length Pima

Available in 4 weights: 1 oz., 4 ozs. & 8 ozs..................bulk 16 ozs. is available in the Pima Sliver listing

1 oz.= over 5 meters (over 5.5 yards)

Fair Trade & Vegan

This is the cotton plant made into soft as a cloud, raw, roving form. Uses: spinning, art & crafts, stuffing, vaping/vaporizing (vape fiber) and candle wicks.

Organic Cotton has natural oils/wax. You can boil the fiber with distilled water to breakdown the oils making it super absorbant.